Saturday, March 27, 2010

Strolling through Paris

So for our last walk in the book, the professor from the French department decided we should just flow and wander, and get lost. Like a flâneur! Which is equivalent to lounger, stroller, etc...which sounds kinda lazy but is considered very cool and urban thing to do. Someone who appreciates his surrounding, and someone who enjoys life. Warning: This entry might be boring. It's more introspective, and for myself, kind of like a journal than anything.

Well I get lost plenty when I try to find places I looked up online, or even when I'm following the walks book. But this last monday, I decided I would go flâner! It was the warmest it had been in Paris since I've been here, and it was sunny, two rare things in Paris that seldom go together in these months. I had just watched a French movie called L'arnacoeur, and had a few hours to kill, and the metro was full of people rushing about after work so I decided to walk!

I didn't take any pictures as I wanted to just enjoy my surroundings, without thinking. I wanted to look at these magnificent architecture that everybody rushes by, or sees with their camera lenses more than with their own eyes. I started with wandering around Les Halles, where the streets were empty, and then I decided I would cross the river on the Pont Neuf!

Stopped on the bridge a while and admire Paris from both sides of it. Simply beautiful. There's a feeling, a feeling so strong of heritage, of history, or art, of love, of freedom, of thought. Its everywhere in Paris.

So romantic. If I ever find the woman of my dreams I'm going to bring her here. I've already decided on our honeymoon. I'm sure she won't complain. Then I strolled along the river Seine because the Parc du Square Galant was closed. Although the Seine isn't pretty by any natural standard, nor is it particularly clean, it is beautiful because of the bridges and the buildings surrounding it. It is beautiful because of the people walking alongside of it, it's a popular make out spot, as I noticed while walking along. Again with the romantic feelings in Paris.

Interesting enough, I didn't feel lonely. I felt happy for this couple, and all the other couples I saw. When I first got to Paris, I thought I was independent. I've lived alone for a while, I served a mission, etc...but that first few weeks I did not like traveling around Paris alone. I always wanted to go do what others did, or tried to invite others to do stuff with me. But now, I love traveling alone. In this grand and majestic city! In Italy as well. I know this is going off topic but I think Dr. Olivier wanted us to examine ourselves which is why he gave us this "get lost" walk. I'm more confident than ever, I've relearned how to enjoy my own compny, to slow down, and live a little, and to have fun. Something I seem to have forgotten in college, with work, and school, and other stuff. When I go back to Provo, I think I will probably be the best I've been my whole life. Things that happened on this study abroad reminded me of myself when I was younger. A more innocent, more simple me. A care-free me.

Pondering aside, I then decided to walk in and look for a metro stop, since they're supposed to be everywhere. While doing so, I passed by the Medical school of University of Paris, with Descartes name on it. And soon enough I found a metro station. I know this entry may seem short, but that hour and a half doesn't need to be described with words. It probably can't. There wasn't anything magical or super cool that I saw, it's just the fact that I was free and had no plans. I hope to remember to always enjoy myself in life, wherever I am.

La vie est belle.

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