Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cemetery and Da Vinci Code!

I am now down to one last walk. Finished my numbers 19 and 20 recently, and now I just have to "get lost" for my final one. I'll tell you how that goes later. So we finally made it to Pere LaChaise. I've been waiting for it to warm up a bit, and now it has. Rebecca, Rosalie, Haley, and even Emily came! Plus Shaina and Garrett. It was a pretty large group, larger than I usually do it, but it was fine and fun and we mingled around.

This cemetery was HUGE. It was so pretty too. Reminded me of Mt. Auburn cemetery in Boston but so much bigger! 188 Acres. The flora isn't as pretty as Mt. Auburn, and neither is there a Mt. to see the whole cemetery but it definitely has cooler tombstones. Take a look at this first pic. There's two roads beside it with their own names! I can't remember who this guy was and even looking in the Paris walks books it's too hard to tell. I just know Shaina said he's famous for some reason haha.
We then saw our first Chinese tomb, and Garrett insisted that I get in and do a peace sign. I didn't succumb to that idea but I took a pic next to it thinking there weren't going to be a lot of Chinese ones, but there turned out to be quite a few more around!
This is Oscar Wilde's tomb. We took a group picture where we all kissed it. I don't know who has it but I'll post it when I get it. It's interesting how all these girls kiss it even though he was gay. And then Garrett pointed out to me (he didn't kiss it) that it made me gay.
This is my favorite piano composer right now's grave. Chopin! I love his nocturnes.
This is Jim Morrison's grave. He's a famous american. I didn't know him before. But according to Wikipedia and my friend, he's really famous. He's in the Doors, according to Mike.
We also took a picture at the cemetery hiding behind tombs and this French guy got a little ticked at us. I didn't think it was being irreverent since we weren't desecrating anything but just peeking out behind the tombs. Oh well. I mean it's more like monuments but I see his point. We all pretended we didn't speak French and Rosalie pointed towards Garret as the French speaker in our group.

There was another walk we did just west of the Latin Quarter. I call it the Da Vinci Code walk because that's the main attraction for the walk. I mean there were some other pretty cool stuff like the little old streets too, and the two bakeries but this Cathedral was cool. It was full of Corinthian Columns. I think that's what they are at least. And the organ is amazing as you can see from the pic below. This picture directly below is the "Rose line" but really it's not. Dan Brown just based his book off these "facts" that were fabricated in the 1960's.

This is just a random statue the Ministry of Culture had commissioned in 1985. I think CC would like it.


  1. That last picture is really charming. haha

  2. when did you go to italy? why is there a pic tagged of you on facebook. you should blog about that trip.